The Parr’s Ridge and MAES PTO Fundraising Goals

All money raised during fundraisers directly impacts each student during the current school year. Without your help, we cannot fund the many programs and activities that your student enjoys such as…

    • Teacher requests for classroom needs and requests: nearly $7000 in requests for the last school year
    • Field trip assistance funding (PTO partially funds all trips to decrease cost per student)- $7000 last year – $9 per student!
    • Reading incentive program (PTO purchased $7500 in scholastic books for each student that completed the monthly reading calendar)
  • Music program support
    • PTO fully funds the following programs: Agenda books, Bridge The Gap, Brain Pop, BARE Books and Weekly Readers, Starfall, Storyworks
    • Cultural Programs (visiting authors and special shows) – $5000
  • Science Fair
  • Summer scholarships and Community support (aid students who occasionally need lunch money assistance)
  • Fun stuff (morning running, play day, 5th grade celebration, after school clubs)




Some of our Fundraising Programs:

  • Bingo Night
  • Bridge the Gap Books
  • Cultural Arts
  • Fall Social
  • Fun Run* New the year!bingo
  • GM Box Tops
  • Holiday shop
  • Back to School Social
  • Market Day
  • Dining out Nights
  • Outdoor Beautification
  • Parr’s Postal Service
  • Play Day (Parr’s)
  • Play Day (MAES)
  • Reading Incentive
  • Running program (Parr’s)
  • Running program (MAES)
  • Science Fair
  • Skate Night
  • Teacher Appreciation Used Book Sale
  • Yearbook


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